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Website development

We are updating the website with new pictures of mentors and staff.  We are also writing posts on our classes.  We are updating the DRIVE classes.  We added some information on recent field trips to the fire house and the village park.

I think this class is good.  We learn about new stuff every day.


Gym is fun to play like dodge ball, basketball, and a lot of sports. I love to play its my favorite sport. We have gym at the W.E.E.D. has two basketball courts one upstairs and one down stairs.

Gadgets and Tools Class by Clayton

What I do in gadgets and tools is we talk about different kinds of tools.
We take things apart and make tin can robots and Thanksgiving mail boxes.
Also, we measure things in the class room  I like gadgets and tools class.
I  like this class because we learn how to make things. Gadgets and tools Is a great
class to be in,
Brett Is teaching Gadgets and tools and Mr Luppino and Sam and Megan.
We are still making our own Thanksgiving mail boxes for the Drive program
The Thanksgiving dinner will be held on thursday. Blyley Hall Is where the Thanksgiving dinner
Is going to be.

Gadgets and Tools

One thing in gadgets and tools class is we take things apart.  I took apart an old camera it was very hard to take apart.  We also talk about how to make tin can robots. One last thing we did was watch a video about how to make mini motorbikes.

Leader in Me

In Leader in Me we learn about the seven habits. We learn about how to deal with relationships, and how to take time for yourself sometimes. It’s not going to be easy but our teachers and peers will  help us through it. This class has taught me to walk away from bad people and bad situations because it’s not even worth my time.  Its a waste.