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Intro to Theater

Click  to watch Nate and William performing in their Intro to Theater class.

Danny’s Religion Essay

The Essay on Western End

by Daniel Rossman

Judaism is one God.  The writings are known as the Torah and Old Testament. Jews today go to synagogue to worship. Abraham is the founder, but Moses delivered the laws to the Israelites.  He unified the land of Israel and made Jerusalem its religious and political center.

Christianity was founded in the 1st century ad. It is the largest religion in the world. The central leader in Christianity is Jesus Christ.  He believed it was important to teach love and fellowship. Christianity is currently the largest religion with 33% of all people. Jesus can be called perfect because Jesus was good and did not have sins.

Islam is practiced by about 23% of all people on earth.  Muhammad is the last prophet of God. Muslims must do formal prayer five times a day. They also must fast during the daylight hours in the month of Ramadan. Fasting is when you don’t eat or drink during certain times.  Allah is an Arabic word that means God. The holy Qur’an was not authored by Muhammad it was authored by God, revealed to Muhammad, and written into a book by his companions. Islamic people are loving, merciful and compassionate.

Nina and Will’s PowerPoint

Nina and William created a PowerPoint for their college class.  Below is a copy of thier PowerPoint and hard work.