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Core Classes


I am in Math.  We are learning about needs and wants.

Erica’s Favorite Class

One of the classes I’m taking right now is Eat Well and Live Well. I’m learning in my class to work with others and work as a team. My favorite thing about the class is to learn to become a team and work hard within it but still have fun with it. I would like to take Eat Well and Live Well again next year because it taught me to grow stronger.

What Class I Like

I like math because the teachers are a big help. When we need help the teachers are right there to help. They can’t help all the time they have to help other students in the class. I would like to take math, English, reading and writing, budget and banking, health and wellness, social studies, and eat well live well.


We are focusing on measurements we see everyday, from the length of a football field to the temperature in Penn Yan.  Students are working with lab partners nearly everyday with a new experiment with measurement.  So far this semester we have measured the amount of sugar in various pops, distance a paper airplane travels, cups of glue in Flubber, temperature of water as it reaches equilibrium from boiling and freezing and this is just the beginning!  We are working on glider planes currently, which should be ready to launch for the nice weather and see how far they can glide!

Social Studies

This semester has been focused on two things, culture and cooperation.  We have learned about the similarities and differences between various communities such as rural, suburban and urban.  We will continue learning about the many different cultures that make the United State so great!  In addition, cooperative group work has led to growths with communication and cooperation within the program in general.  We are forced to break from our comfort zone and work with others to make a project, presentation, or other class activity.