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Core Classes


We are developing basic money skills and go beyond the basics as well with interest, stocks, banking, etc.  We have chosen three stocks to follow for the semester and have been graphing their progress.  They were given $20,000 to start with and we are excited to how much they have after 10 weeks, lets hope for a good market!  Utilizing manipulatives and the SMARTboard we are engaged in learning new materials like how to convert a fraction into a percentage!


Everyone needs to money and everyone needs to know how to use money.  Students are learning about real-life situations they will find themselves in when purchasing goods such as; money identification, taxes, discounts, tips, credit/debit cards, and more.

Testing the Waters

The students have requested to test the waters of Keuka Lake, Keuka College, and other surrounding areas after discussing the adverse effects of Fracking.  This is a student led project, they have placed the request for testing, found various things to test for, discovered how to test for them, and now we are going to begin our experimenting.

Branches of Government

The students are currently working on presentations for the branches of the U.S. Government.  They have been working very hard on them and will be presenting soon and providing the students with a short assessment they created as well. We are excited to see the great work they did!

Hunger Games

In English we are currently reading the Hunger Games and Blogging about our thoughts of the book so far.  The books that has gained much acclaim, especially in teenagers, is packed with excitement, adventure, and mystery.  The students are learning about various literary elements as we read along and developing reading technique for comprehension as well.