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Cumming Nature Center Winter 2017

DRIVE had another successful field period experience at the  in the winter of 2017.  We accomplished so much and developed many skills along the way.  Please watch the following video, developed by DRIVE students, to learn more about our field period.  Enjoy!


Bernie Sanders Town Hall

On April 12th 2016 a group of five DRIVE students attended a rally for presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders. Joining a group of over 6400 at the MCC Ice Complex students heard Sanders speak for about an hour on his political ideologies. Prefacing the event we engaged in conversation on our political system and students were asked to prepare questions. When asked why they were attending this field trip students expressed interest in seeing the excitement built around the presidential election and having the unique opportunity to hear a candidate speak in person.  As a group we found it important to have personal choice and be represented within our government, particularly within the disability services demographic. To conclude the experience students were asked to write a single page report on their day and experience at the Bernie Sanders rally, which provided great insight in their personal experience.

IMG_0269 IMG_0272 IMG_0278

Keuka’s new mascot

Ashley gets to meet Kacey with her peer mentor.Ashley meets Keuka Mascot.

Activity’s I’m excited for this semester!

I’m happy if there’s any events coming this year because I want to do something this year like bowling, going to Destiny USA, Corning Museum of Glass, and the  trampoline park.


I have done boys night out, Halloween dance, and the Triathlon giving people heed and water.  They were very fun!



My Dream Job by Lewis

My dream job is to become a famous rapper. Because I like to rhyme words, and write poetry. I like to express my feelings, I feel better when I get my problems out. I want to also help people through rough times. Plus I know what they are going through. The reason I want to do it because I enjoy writing and saying the words I wrote on my papers.

It is very important to me because I really like to share my feelings with people because I feel like if I tell them what I’ve been through they will not feel they are alone. When I write and rhyme it releases all my bad feelings, it takes the darkness away, I feel no more pain, and it makes me feel better inside, knowing that I help one person means that there’s always be hope.

The one thing I would like to show people is reaching success is not easy. You have to work hard at it’s not just going to happen overnight. My life has always been a success. I know I want to follow the biggest dream I’ve ever had in my life. I want to prove to people that I am neither a loser nor a quitter. I had a lot of bad times, bumps in the road, a lot of loved ones past away, bad relationships, heartache, and pain. My life has hit me really hard, but I refused to give up. I have grown into a great man. All I ever wanted to be was a rapper, since I can remember. Regardless of my past, I didn’t let anything stop me; I just kept getting right back up. My struggles and weaknesses have become my fuel to keep moving forward and never give up.