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D.R.I.V.E. at the Cumming Nature Center

D.R.I.V.E. would like to thank Nate, Rory, and Shariee of the Cumming Nature Center for a great Field Experience working on hands-on activities that helped the students grow as well as enhance the nature center.  We encourage everyone to go to the to view the work that the D.R.I.V.E. students completed over the month of January 2016.  Whether sitting on a bench on a trail, enjoying the children’s area in the building, or noticing the revitalization of the main building you will see the change that the students we able to accomplish.  We will update the website soon with a video created by the students in videography depicting the experience. 


Cumming Nature Center

Cumming Nature Center

For the month of January, the D.R.I.V.E. Program has been collaborating with the Cumming Nature Center in Naples, New York. The students have been placed into five different groups,in which the groups consist of Videography, Classroom, Maintnence, Service, and Carpentry. These groups all have daily tasks that are related to their group name.

Videography has been creating a documentary with information promoting the collaboration between the DRIVE Program and the Cumming Nature Center by taking clips of the center, completing interviews and filming day to day activities, as well as, the progress the students have made. The Classroom group has accomplished painting a sky scenery on the ceiling tiles in the classroom. Using chalkboard paint, the group painted a section of chalkboard on the wall. In addition, the Classroom group has designed a unique, nature related theme for the classroom. During this time, some maintenance tasks have included painting door frames, base boards and registers. The students have also deep cleaned the building and assisted with moving items as needed. The Service group has greeted guests, learned about the trails and reassembled snow shoes. Carpentry has been hands-on in making benches for the trails, making a children`s table, stools, and a chalkboard frame for the classroom, as well as, making a coat rack and fire stock for the Nature Youth Group.

This is a great opportunity for the students as they learn first hand job skills and new life experiences. The students have expressed their excitement with this opportunity at The Cumming Nature Center and the new skills they have learned along the way.

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