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The DRIVE Program Director and DRIVE Program Manager are members of the management team at the Arc of Yates. Both are on-site at Keuka College on a full time basis to oversee the day to day operations of this college based program.

The core curriculum is delivered to students by a full-time Special Education Teacher  from the Penn Yan Central School District.   Life skills and supplementary curriculum are provided throughout each day by a Educational Associate from the Arc of Yates.  In addition, there are currently five Direct Support Professionals on campus to help support and guide students throughout their day at college, as well as at work/volunteer opportunities in the community overseen by the customized employment coordinator.

A unique aspect of the program allows us to offer a myriad of experiential learning opportunities to Keuka students of all majors who wish to become mentors to students with intellectual disabilities on the college campus.

Photo of Dick Shaver

Dick Shaver

Title: Director of Student Support Services at Penn Yan Central School District
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Photo of Deb Fabris-Coon

Deb Fabris-Coon

Title: Senior Director of Day Programs - Arc of Yates
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Photo of John Luppino

John Luppino

Title: Director of DRIVE - Arc of Yates
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Photo of Sara Cobb

Sara Cobb

Title: Manager of DRIVE- Arc of Yates
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Photo of Chris Rodriguez

Chris Rodriguez

Title: Special Education Teacher-Penn Yan School District
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Melissa Kinsey

Title: Educational Associate-Arc of Yates
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Photo of Ben Ternosky

Ben Ternosky

Title: Direct Support Professional-Arc of Yates
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Whitney Booth

Title: Teaching Assistant
Photo of Brett Wicker

Brett Wicker

Title: Direct Support Professional-Arc of Yates
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Photo of Amy Foy

Amy Foy

Title: Mentor Coordinator
Photo of Ryan Kerrick

Ryan Kerrick

Title: Special Education Teacher
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