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DRIVE Course Description

5 Point Scale

This class will be offered to students that need extra assistance managing stress and controlling their emotions.  The class uses the 5 Point Scale to assist them in recognizing what upsets them and giving them the tools to mange their stress and emotions. 

Animal Care

Animal Studies explores how to care for domestic animals.  Students will prepare presentations on an animal of choice.  The research required for the presentation provides the student with a basic understanding of how to care for the animal, which is shared with peers. 

Art and Literature Exploration

This class is designed to expose students to different forms of art and literature and encourage them to try to create their own version of them.  Students will learn a basic biography of a famous artist and then see or read different pieces of their works.  Students will be provided with materials needed to create their own art and literature in a similar fashion of the featured artist.

Briefcase  Project

Learning how to travel requires a person to be able consider transportation issues, packing for the trip, money, sightseeing activities, entertainment, and a change in normal daily functions such as meals, laundry, and dress.  This class is designed to assist students in learning how to prepare and plan a vacation to anywhere they choose.  Students are required to research the location they choose to travel to.  Students will prepare an hourly schedule of activities to include daily functions, such as, hygiene and meals.  Students will make a list of items that they will take with them and account for typical items they will need at their travel location.  Budgetary considerations will include cost of transportation, meals, activities and miscellaneous expenses.  Students will present their vacation to the class.

Budgeting & Banking

Budgeting and Banking concepts including check registry, saving accounts, investments, interest, loans, and personal budget are taught using lecture, games, and online tools.   Students are requires to track stocks and maintain budget registry throughout the entire course.  Students will learn about wants and needs, US economy, and other personal financial issues.

Career Planning

The goal of this course is for each student to develop a personal portfolio that can be used for future employment or advancement.  The interview process, resume, workforce, and career planning are studied.  Students will create their personal portfolio that will periodically be reviewed during their involvement with the DRIVE program.  Student will review career clusters, job market, job skills, and employers’ expectations.

Commencement Prep & Future Planning

This course is designed to assist students to complete their letter of intent to the DRIVE Program Graduation Committee.* Course participants will use person centered planning techniques to reflect on their experiences at DRIVE and to explore their personal goals and dreams for the future.


*All DRIVE students that are in their fourth year what have earned or are expected to earn 82 CEUs are eligible to participate in this class.  All students that have earned or are expected to earn 112 CEUs are mandated to participate.

Community Mobility

This course is designed to explore community mobility within the environment utilizing various mediums including the driving simulator, Wii system, and iPads.  This class is taught in collaboration with Keuka College’s Occupational Therapy program.

Healthy Cooking

Healthy Cooking will focus on making healthy food choices. Students will help research, and prepare a variety of foods such as snacks, breakfast, lunch and dinner entrees. Students will have worksheets to complete in class that reinforces the instruction and students will be involved in the class discussion. Themes will be created and instruction given using the food pyramid. Students will learn about moderation in food portions and the benefits of choosing from all food groups. Students will learn to read a recipe, measure, and proper food handling in the kitchen.

Current Events/World Politics

Global, National, and local current events are examined to provide student with the knowledge of what is going on in the world.  Students use online resources to find information on a variety of topics.  Students will research topics and present information to classmates and instructor.  A review of local newspapers, magazines, local community calendars is conducted to provide students with activities or events they might like to attend. 

Digital Yearbook

Using computer application such as PowerPoint, Word, Publisher, and Movie Maker students will develop a DRIVE yearbook.   Students will be exposed to multimedia resources.  Students will assist in the creation of other segments of the Digital Yearbook by collecting digital cameras images, data, and information

Diversified Technology

This class will explore and educate the appropriate use of today’s variety of Information Technology devices and “Smart” electronics. To ensure the safe and secure use of technologically advanced electronics as well as online tools and media platforms commonly used by today’s society.

Fan Fiction

Fan Fiction challenges students to use their imagination and creative abilities to develop a fictional character.  Students choose a fictional character and create a story about the character.  Each student researches their personally selected character and develops a character description of the character.  This description includes a historical profile, circle of friends and/or foes, personal traits, and other significant facts.  Students will use this information to develop a new story about the character.  This story can be in the form of a TV episode format, comic book, chapter book, or picture book.

Gadgets & Tools

This class is designed to teach the use of tools, and give students the knowledge to dissemble and reassemble commonly used items. New technology will be explored through educational videos.


Geocaching class is a fun interactive class that incorporates a wide range of skill building techniques.  In this class students can expect to develop their skills in areas such as math, geography, computer skills, orienteering, traveling, problem solving, vocabulary, history, physical fitness, team building, and even manors and etiquette.

This class will learn about the local area and visit a variety of local sights searching for hidden treasures.  In the process the students research where they wish to go and how to get there while learning about the history of those areas as they go. The students will be taking pictures of their discoveries, documenting their finds on the website and posting pictures and comments on the website throughout the duration of the class.

Health, Wellness, & Nutrition

Topics, such as weight control, nutrition, stress management, and others included.  The digestive system, circulatory system, respiratory system, musculoskeletal system and nervous system are studied.  The cooking component of this teaches students to measure, read recipes, learn kitchen safety, portion size, and other aspects to assist the student in developing an understanding of holistic health & wellness.

History through Film

This course is designed to give students an understanding of major events in history by watching movies based on those events. Students learn the historical facts associated with the film first and then watch it.  The class also encourages students to seek out the facts behind different forms of media and use critical thinking skills.  The films range from historical documentaries, to popular animated films loosely based on historical events.

Introduction to ASL 

This course will provide students with a basic understanding of the Deaf culture and Deaf history.  Students will also learn during the class how to fingerspell and communicate using ASL signs.  The class will give students plenty of opportunities to participate in practice conversations. 

iPads and Communications

Students will learn how to use different applications on the iPad and how to communicate with others using the iPad.  This class is designed to help students with articulation and pronunciation of words.  Student will learn about communication apps and how they can use these apps to communicate with others and improve their communication overall.

Leader in Me

This class would be offered to students that are seen as natural leaders as a trial into starting Leader in Me across the program.  Students would read 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens and work on leadership skills.  These students will then assist in teaching the 7 Habits when it is put into effect program wide.

Media Project/Videography

This class is designed to enable students to reflect on their college experiences and the DRIVE mentoring program, through the use of flip video cameras and the exploration and creation of digital media.

Musicals  & Society

The relationship between musicals and society is explored.  This course reviews classical and modern musicals to find connections with society.  A study of the influence the musical(s) may have had on society and how musicals influence a variety of social trends, such as, clothing, hair styles, and language.  


This course uses episodes of Mythbusters to help students learn about and discuss the scientific method.  Students will perform an experiment and then watch the experiment on an episode of Mythbusters.  Students will compare their findings with the findings on the episode.

Nature Studies

This is a class about plant and animal life.  This class is designed to enhance student’s understanding and interest in the outdoors by investigating the natural world.  The class will teach students how to use field guides to identify plants and animals. 


This class is designed to increase the knowledge of cameras and explore the artistic and practical uses of photography.  Students will review the parts and functions of cameras.  Students will learn about the film development process and how to edit photos. 


Pinterest is designed to teach students an interesting new approach to social media.  Pinterest is a virtual pin board that connects through Facebook.  Each Pinterest account gives the user the opportunity to create “boards” on numerous topics.  The user searches topics such as crafts, recipes, outfits, quotations, and locations and places these “pins” on the various boards.  Students will learn to create and use an account.  All students will use the D.R.I.V.E. Program Pinterest account to create their own personal board and pin their interests onto it.   Through the course, the class will choose different pins to create in the classroom such as “DIY – Do it yourself” crafts and projects.   

Poetry Studies

In the class, students will be looking at several different types of poetry.  Students will learn about and discuss different elements of poetry.  Students will work and groups and individually to create their own poetry.

Portraits & Presentations 

Portraits challenges the students to study a variety of people, such as, historical figures, political figures, actors, cartoon characters, local celebrities, and others.  The students will prepare a PowerPoint or poster to present to the class on a weekly basis.  This class requires students to spend time outside of class to prepare their individual presentation.  This class will develop research and presentation skills.

Public Speaking

Students learn the art of public speaking through watching educational videos, direct instruction using current literature, and practice.  Students will give a series of presentations.  Speech topics are assigned by teacher.  Students are graded using a public speaking rubric, which evaluates 6 key components of public speaking. 

Puzzles and Problem Solving

This course is designed to build on the students’ problem solving skills.  This class will teach students several different problem solving strategies.  The students will be required to use the strategies that they learn to solve puzzles and logical problems.   

Reading and Writing Workshop

Students choose an independent reading book to read.  In this class, students read their independent reading book and then write a journal entry about what they have read using written prompts.

Rules of the Road

This course is designed to assist in the preparation for the New York State Learner’s Permit Test.  A study of New York States driving laws and rules is accomplished in a class room setting.  Students will take online New York State preparatory quizzes after reviewing the New York State Learner Permit Manuel.  Course includes basic automobile maintenance overview and pedestrian safety.

Sexuality, and Informed Consent

Sexuality is a broad and complex aspect of human life that includes biological, psychological, social, and cultural components. The goal of this course is to introduce students to the following topics:

  • ·        Anatomy and Physiology
  • ·        Communication and Sexuality
  • ·        Sexually transmitted Infections, HIV and Risk
  • ·        Birth Control and Risk Reduction
  • ·        Sexual Decision Making
  • ·        Informed Consent and Self advocacy


In order to give students the basic information they need to make educated and informed decisions about their own bodies as adults.


In this class the students will be introduced to basic sewing techniques.  The students will learn how to mend clothes, hand sew simple projects and learn how to work a sewing machine.  Each student will choose a project that interests them, purchase the supplies needed to make the project and create the project with the help of experienced staff.

Social Gaming

In social gaming students practice social and communication skills through playing educational games. In this class students can expect to develop their skills in areas such as math, problem solving, vocabulary, reading and fine motor skills as well as allowing the students to be creative and show their individualism.

Social Media

  Social Media deals with the world of online identities and personal information as it pertains to the internet. This class will deal with the security risks and precautionary measures used when dealing with that information in global databases. Students will be immersed in online media facets such as Facebook and Twitter with the intent on educating users of the appropriate ways to deal with online information and the procedures to follow should their identity or other personal information ever be compromised.

Social Skills & Relationships

The goal of this course is to develop an understanding of relationship development from acquaintances to marriage.  Topics include communication, dating, body language and social forms of communication i.e. Facebook, MySpace, and texting.  Students practice interpersonal communication skills through a variety of role plays and mock interviews. 

Sports History & Application

This course is designed to challenge students to take a closer look at sports and how skills are acquired to perform the sport.  Students will research a variety of sports to develop an understanding of the history of the sport and to learn how the sport has developed into its current form.  Students are required to write a research paper about the history of the sport.  In addition to the research paper, students are required to provide an instructional clinic on how to play the sport.  This instructional clinic can be preformed using a classroom setting if equipment for the sport is not available, but the preferred method is an interactive clinic requiring physical demonstrations and engagement of all classmates.



DRIVE Core Course Descriptions



The goal of this course is to transition basic mathematical concept into practical applications.  Reinforcement of basic concepts such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division is accomplished by using applied applications such as word problems; check book balancing, interest rates, and budgeting. 

Social Studies

Topics being studied in this course include US History, World History, Government, Geography, New York State, and Current Events.  Smart Board, Videos, textbook, and internet will be utilized to enhance the learning experience.

This course also explores community involvement by learning about voting, social responsibility, local events, and local history.


Course will examine the Living Environment and explore current scientific issues.  Natural disasters, weather, human body, health, energy, and other scientific subjects will be studied.  The goal of this course is to provide individuals with basic knowledge of the world around through study, labs, and exploration.


The development of reading and writing skills with a focus on writing for a purpose and reading comprehension is the core curriculum for this course.  Texts will be used to provide a broad range of literature exposure.  Short stories, poetry, email, novels, fiction, non-fiction, and other genres will be introduced during the course.  Development of skills to assist students in reading comprehension will be modeled and practiced.  Students will learn about making connections, visualizing, making predictions, determining importance and other tools to develop a reading focus to enhance comprehension.

WILSON Reading

Wilson is a reading program that uses your visual, auditory and kinesthetic senses in order to help students learn new words. Wilson also helps us learn the different sounds of letters and helps us learn how to blend the sounds together to make new words. In order to learn the words, we tap out each sound that each letter makes to help us form new words. After practicing separate sounds and applying them to make words, we use Wilson to help us better our reading skills. This helps us read more fluently. Some specific things we have learned are: knowing the difference between vowels and consonants, digraphs are two letters that make one sounds, two of the same letter at the end of a word are known as bonus letters, and much, much more!