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Open House

Erica Webb and Lewis Grady

May 1, 2013

D.R.I.V.E Program Open House

Open at 6-8.

The class was called: fan Fiction:

The fan fiction Video People: Mari, Robert, Oxy, Kyle, Nate, Lewis, nick, Chris, And Rob. 

 The fan fiction Class makes a video about cartoon and movie trailer. The video was halos but really good.

 About the open House:

The former D.R.I.V.E Students / Alumni came to chill and watch the video. We had some of our college peer mentor come to the visit the open house. The food was good at the open house that night but   the popcorn was great.  We all had fun that night we got to be with are family and friends   got to know about the D.R.I.V.E Program and people in it. There was a pretty cool Art Display show.


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