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The Zoo Trip

On June7th, we went to the Seneca Park Zoo  in Rochester.   While we were at The Seneca Park  Zoo  in Rochester, we saw polar bears, tigers , snakes,  gators, elephants, lions, and monkeys .  Chris’s favorite animal is the polar bear , Jennie’s and Robert’s favorite is the snake, Eric’s favorite were the gators, and Arthur’s favorite was the elephants. Robert took pictures with Mrs. Abby. We learned that animals live all over the world. We also learned that lions are playful. It was great. We saw a tiger eat meat . We also ate lunch there.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

A group of students went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at N.T.I.D. on April 28th.  The actors signed the whole play and hearing actors interpreted.  Students were each asked to write down three differences between Deaf and hearing plays.  Here are some of their responses:

  • “They all were Deaf and they had an interpreter”
  • “It was different.  Cause the people in the play was signing.”
  • “There were subtitles”
  • “Intermission” -The play started late and the intermission lasted twice as long as they stated it would.  Deaf people like to chat and catch up.


Eastview Mall Trip

On March 23, 2013, nine DRIVE students took advantage of Keuka College transportation to the Eastview Mall.  Two peer mentors and a DRIVE staff member accompanied the students.  Students had lunch and shopped for items that they needed.  After lunch, some students took a ride on the carousel in the food court.  Some students stopped at Brookstone where they were amazed by a Brookstone employee flying a toy drone.  Other students went to the Lego Store to window shop where there were Lego kits ranging from $10-over $400.  A few students, threw coins in the foutain and made a wish.  Overall, it was a fun time for all.

Mall Trip

The Community Mobility class took a trip to the Arnot Mall Before going, students planned transportation, and made a schedule of where they wanted to go Students went shopping Some students bought Christmas presents for their family members.  Two students went to see Breaking Dawn 2.  Students went to FYE, Zales, Game Stop, Hot Topic, Yankee Candle and several other stores.  Students enjoyed the trip.

News Channel 8 Field Trip

On June 20, 2012 the students took a field trip to the News Channel 8 station to meet John DiPasqueale the channel’s meterologist.  We were able to watch the 12 o’clock news and see the green screen.  It was a blast!